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Dryer vent cleaning

The dryer vent can be cleaned to remove all of the buildups accumulated over time. Dryer vent cleaning is an often-overlooked but critical step in house or building maintenance. Cleaning the dryer vent and the air ducts simultaneously is a good rule of thumb. Cleaning services and treatments for each surface and room of your home are offered by ID Cleaning as part of our objective to be your Healthy Home Provider. Professional Dryer Cleaning in Maryland, Washington, Virginia is one such service that can significantly impact your home's safety and wellness. ID Cleaning's specialists use a high-powered blower/vacuum and rotary brush combination to clean your dryer vents.


Soft pipe replacement

The hot air from your dryer is usually vented to the outside of your house through a flexible pipe. This hose can become clogged with lint or crushed over time, reducing airflow. A soft pipe replacement is a do-it-yourself project. However, if you lack the necessary abilities and information, you may not complete the task. This will waste your time and money. New dryer hoses enhance energy efficiency, lower expenses, and minimize fire hazards associated with old, corroded, or damaged ones. Your dryer vent will run more efficiently if the ID Cleaning specialists replace the soft pipe.

Birdcage installation

Protecting your home's vents with bird-proof cages or screens is critical. Birds can cause a lot of damage if they get into your vents. Bird feces and dead birds can be a hazard and smell bad. Even with disinfection, the odor can be challenging to eliminate. Bird mites may also be a problem for the birds. 

Once bird mites have infested your home, it's impossible to get rid of them. There should be nothing blocking the dryer vents. When it comes to dryer venting, we employ bird cages. Parallel bars allow for the passage of lint. During a cleaning appointment, we can destroy nests and install measures to prevent birds from reentering the building. We build bespoke bird cages that keep birds out while allowing proper airflow via the dryer vent.

Boster fan installation

Booster fans can improve the efficiency of your dryer vent if it is longer than 25 equivalent feet. The airflow cannot move more than 25 feet of lint through your dryer vent. Booster fan installation ensures that the entire system gets the proper air. 

  Drying time is reduced, saving you money when using an efficient dryer. Our dryer vent specialists are prepared to install a booster fan at the time of service. We do it right the first time so that your booster fan lasts a long time and you can get maximum benefits from it. Request a service appointment or call us today for additional information about our booster fan installation services.

Filter cleaning

The dryer vent has the most impact on your dryer since it prevents the hot, humid air that just engulfed your clothing from entering your home while also collecting any lint or debris that may have escaped. It would be best if you had a professional clean your dryer vent once a year to avoid potentially disastrous house fires, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says. 

Preventing a problem is better than trying to fix it, but it's also better than facing a future of hopelessness. That's why filter cleaning is so important. Lint accumulates in the dryer's interior and the dryer's exhaust system over time. The consequences of this could be dire. Filter cleaning should be performed once a year to prevent the problem from worsening.

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