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Air duct

Air duct cleaning

A technician may suggest duct cleaning as a regular AC maintenance service. Dirty ductwork can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. The duct cleaning services Maryland provided by ID Cleaning are state-of-the-art. Whether you need a quick, thorough, or convenient air duct cleaning service in Washington DC, we've got you covered. Experienced professionals are required to clean your air ducts in Virginia as well. We've worked on various duct cleaning operations for a long time. Whether you have a heating and cooling system, laundry and exhaust system, or any other form of the air distribution system, we can clean it.


UV light installation

 It's more vital than ever to keep your home, office, and other communal spaces clean and free of allergens. Cleaning and sanitizing your HVAC system's air ducts are no exception. A UV light installation in MD,DC,VA can help disinfect your ducts, as well as the air that passes through them, and keep them free of the growth of microorganisms. You may not have realized this, but routine air duct cleanings can include UV light installation. The DNA of microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, molds, and various fungi, is disrupted when UV radiation is employed for sanitizing purposes.


The ducts in your house should be disinfected to remove mold and germs. Conventional cleaning methods cannot reach your ducts. It isn't easy to get to several of their lengths. Microbes love air ducts because they provide a haven. Let us take care of the air duct cleaning. Work with our experts who are knowledgeable about disinfection. Our top professionals will assess each home to see if it qualifies. A—a home's comfort and allergy level benefit from having its air ducts cleaned any time of year.

Brush cleaning

Regardless of the project's scope, our air duct cleaning equipment is well-known and appropriate. Customers in Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC have come to rely on our HVAC tools. Brush cleaning by hand is how we provide the best service possible. We have drive units and cordless drills that can power manual, air-driven, and rotary brush systems. We have systems for domestic and commercial use, thanks to brush selections. As the brush rotates, it dislodges any dirt that has become lodged inside. The vacuum picks up the loose dirt as the brush scrubs the interior walls, resulting in clean air ducts.

Unit cleaning Blowers

The blower of an air conditioner is responsible for providing the unit with the air movement it needs to function. 

The blower (also known as the fan) is an essential component for a well-functioning air conditioning system. Your blower and unit must be adequately cared for and maintained to work correctly. Regular cleaning of the machine and its components is a critical for a long timefor its upkeep. Turn on the unit and wait for more junk to come out after we've finished cleaning. Get a head start on future cleaning by clearing the area with a vacuum or a portable sweeper.


Coils can endure up to 15 years if properly cared for. It is vital to maintain the device to extend the life and effectiveness of heating and air conditioning equipment. As a result, air conditioner coil cleaning should be a top priority for any commercial property. Contaminants like pollen, moisture, mold spores, dust, and dirt accumulate as air passes over the air conditioner coils. 

As a result, mold, and bacteria begin to grow on the cooling coils, putting the air we breathe at risk. When air conditioner coils aren't cleaned, the buildup on the coils acts as an insulator, stopping the coil from absorbing heat and decreasing airflow, which results in increased energy usage.

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