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Chimney cleaning

For a long time, ID Cleaning has been delivering a thorough and professional chimney sweeping and repair service in and around Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia. For comprehensive cleaning, accurate testing, and dependable chimney repairs, we employ tried and true traditional brushes, as well as more modern vacuuming techniques and camera scans. Our professional chimney cleaners can thoroughly inspect your chimney.

A free clean-up service is included in the price of our professional chimney cleanings, which can be completed in as little as 40 minutes. If you haven't used your fireplace in a while, we can come out and clean and test your chimney for you. To ensure the safety and dependability of your smoke extraction, we do periodic repairs on cracks and holes, remove bird nests, and improve extraction capacities in household chimneys. Contact a cleaning crew member immediately to enhance your home's air quality and avoid chimney fires.


Caps installation

You may secure your chimney by installing chimney caps, which cover the top of it. You can choose from various times for its upkeep eel or copper mesh types for the outside of your home. It is our goal to provide the best chimney caps in the neighborhood. Many people in the neighborhood have confidence in our installation work. Why? Because we are well-versed in what it takes to go above and beyond for our clients.

Downdraft and updraft problems can be solved with a chimney cap, which will enhance the chimney's pull, allowing more smoke and pollutants to be expelled. As a bonus, they're fantastic if you've had a problem with birds roosting in your chimney or trash falling in. 

For practical and aesthetic reasons, our team at ID Cleaning can install a wide variety of chimney caps for you. If you're looking for a long-lasting, sturdy, and practical solution for your chimney, we can help you find the fitting chimney cap for your needs and install it to the highest standard possible.

Cracks treatment

Is there a crack in your chimney, either on the interior or the outside? Concerned about how much it will cost to fix your chimney? If your fireplace has damaged bricks or cracked flue tiles, you should not use it. 

The chimney could fall or lean away from the home if it's not taken care of. If the bricks are cracked, they will allow additional moisture to get in, which will cause more problems. If flue tiles are cracked, hazardous gases can be released into your home, which could lead to a house fire. Don't put off getting your chimney repaired until it's too late.

Repairing your house and family's safety is essential, and our work is reasonably priced. A professional chimney inspection is the best approach to remedy a leaking chimney. Based on our findings, we can determine what's causing the cracks and then make a therapy recommendation. There's no job too big or too small for ID Cleaning when it comes to chimney repair services. To arrange for an inspection of your chimney, please give us a call.

 Crown renews

It may be required to replace your chimney crown, As the principal component of your chimney, the crown is responsible for keeping water out of your masonry building and sealing it off from the rest of your chimney. 

The chimney crown is a slab of concrete that tops the chimney

Unlike a metal chimney cap, the chimney crown covers the entire top of the chimney, whereas the chimney cap only covers the flue entrance. Chimney crowns can be fashioned out of various materials, including metal, stone, and concrete. When exposed to the outdoors, bricks and mortar will deteriorate quickly, so they should never be used in their construction. By extending over the chimney walls, properly placed chimney crowns safeguard the chimney structure from weather-related degradation. Let us properly install a new chimney crown in place of your old one.

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